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  1. catherine smith says:

    Bindi – what a dark horse you are! These cushions are simply beautiful. Well done for getting your site up and sharing them with us! lots of love Catherine

  2. Victoria Tiller says:

    Hi Bindi – All I need now is express delivery to Canada. They are beautiful and what a lovely way to show how inspirational your Mum was and what a great legacy she left you. Do you take commissions as I have a daughter who would love one! Victoria

  3. cushy number says:

    thanks for lovely comments. Victoria have a look at Commissions page or just email me, I’m sure I can ship to Canada! Bindi

  4. Julia Ajayi says:

    Hey Bindi, what beautiful designs and colours, they really are wonderful. I love the name of the web site too…..will look at the commissions page XXX Jules

  5. Lyndsay Atkinson says:

    Hi Bindi
    Your cushions are fantastic! I love the cellular design. Will see you at the next craft fair!
    Lyndsay x

  6. Jill says:

    Fab designs! If I didn’t have a million cushions and an absolute ban by Cam on getting any more I would be so tempted! Jill xx

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