It’s the finishing touches that make your home special – individual handmade cushions add that personal touch, make a statement and bring a room to life.

Decorative cushions with personalised designs, hand embroidery and beadwork look beautiful on a bed, a window seat or a chaise longue. Machine embroidered or contemporary patchwork cushions are more durable and better suited for the sofa or living areas. Single or multiple cushions can achieve the look you desire (a bed isn’t made properly until it’s decorated in cushions!!) or why not commission a cushion as a unique gift for someone special?

Most of the cushions I make are one off pieces designed around and for you. See my gallery for inspiration or I can help you choose fabrics, designs and colours. As long as I can source the materials I can make larger number of cushions in any colour or style. It’s a million miles away from the High Street…so no-one else will have the creation that you commission!

All my cushions come complete with 100% feather cushion pad made in the UK and have finished seams to prevent fraying.

Prices depend on size, fabric and level of work involved, but usually range from £25 to £40 for an individual cushion. I can also make cushion covers from the lovely range of fabrics that I keep in stock, or from your own fabrics, from £12 per cover.

For a cushylife cushion, handmade by me and supporting local enterprise, contact Bindi using the contact form and we can take it from there!


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  1. Lisa says:


    The cushion you designed for me is spectacular, a real talking point in my newly decorated bedroom. I think I may redecorate another room and order some more cushions from you – perhaps I will design my decor around my next cushion order! FABULOUS cushions 🙂

  2. Bindi, thank-you so much for Finn’s scooby do 4th birthday cushion, he absolutely loves it! He insists on sleeping with his head on it like a pillow every night and then taking it downstairs to the sofa with him too. A real winner of a present – he is now asking for a shaggy character cushion next! Thank-you, i’ve got a fabulous photo of him receiving it, i’ll email it to you, Iona x

  3. Maya Williams says:

    Wow these cushions are amazing, the cushion you designed for me is fab! It matches perfectly with my city style bedroom, your colour choice and the buildings are great! I cant believe how talented you are! Maya xx

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