sleep tight

scion cushions on bed peacock (3)

scion cushions 2

have revamped the cushions on my bed with this fabulous fabric range from Scion – I made the peacock cushion months ago, another one of my labours of love which I couldn’t bear to part with,  but it just didn’t go anywhere in the house. So I’ve gone for a different colour scheme which fortunately didn’t involved redecorating! This is how it looked before, the dandelion clocks have gone to a good home!

dandelion clocks

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4 Responses to sleep tight

  1. Locaholic says:

    Beautiful cushions! I also love the framed swatch above the bed. In both your ‘before’ and ‘after’, actually!

  2. Lisa Pickard says:

    Looks stunning Bindi but no surprise there x

  3. cushy life says:

    thanks Lisa. I will never get bored of green!! xx

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