1 hour bag (not!)

Had a bag making deadline this morning as has to get the machine away before the start of the teenage Harry-Potter-thon (3 square-eyed girls are on the 3rd of 4 films to watch today, surrounded by chocolate buttons and pringles….). Done and dusted by 11a.m. except the covered buttons and magnetic clasp  (my first, yay!)


The pattern is adapted from http://vintagericrac.blogspot.co.uk/2008/01/1-hour-bag-tutorial.html (respect to these clever bloggers who have time and inclination to photograph all the steps of these patterns! ) It did take a bit more than an hour mainly due to schoolgirl errors such as not sewing right sides together….but hope my friend likes it, fair swap for B and B in London this week?

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1 Response to 1 hour bag (not!)

  1. Lisa Pickard says:

    Absolute genius! Have I ever said how clever you are?! Expansion into bags is looking very successful x

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