this was a commission for my lovely friend for her lovely mum. Hard to take a picture that does justice to the colours. Inspired by looking at maps!

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2 Responses to pacific

  1. H says:

    Thank you so much to my lovely friend for having such lovely skills – and making such a lovely cushion! The colours and artwork are stunning. I was really thrilled with it – and I know my mum is too. Thanks Bindi! xxx

  2. pat davies says:

    My daughter and family gave me this beautiful cushion that Bindi had designed and made. It is so special and ‘I love it’. The cushion is square and made of a wondrous shot silk in hues of deep blue turquoise with hints of violet. It has a circle of intricate embroidery in the center further enhanced by skeins of iridescent embroidered islands with scatterings of individually hand sewn beads complementing the whole picture. Bindi has named the cushion Pacific which I think perfectly describes a fantastic depiction of an archipelago viewed from space. A masterpiece crafted by this talented lady. Thank you Bindi it is giving me such pleasure and I shall treasure it. Best wishes Pat Davies (Lincoln)

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